Welcome to my world of imagination!

A beautiful story with magical creatues and fantastical surroundings, would be my favourite choice for a bedtime story when I was a little child. I remember always picking the one with the most pages for my mom to read aloud, so the next day I could pick up some colors and try to create my own version of something that was so skillfully created by writer’s imagination.

Later it became clear to me that it was imposible to live a single day without creating something, be it a drawing, a painting or a sculpture.

I believe life is given to us to explore the amazing abilities which each one of us has. This happened to me when, after years of working with 2-dimensional art, I came across Polymer clay and realized I could try something new. My painted characters took on a real shape! Visit my fantasy art gallery and have fun.

A few words about my sculptures

Since my first encounter with Polymer clay, I constantly develop my technique. Each piece I crete is absolutely unique. My ultimate goal is to give the customer One of A Kind creation which they could enjoy for many years. For that purpose I continue to experiment with different types of clay which lets me come up with great combinations for strength, color and durability.

All of my sculptures are being sculpted over a strong wire armature. I use no less than 20ga wire (aluminum or copper) up to 12ga depending on the piece. For painting and blushing, I use only best quality paints, heat set or artist acrylics. As for the clay, I test my mixes before working on the doll. I test for color, flexibility, strength. I constantly try to improve my creations, so my customers are absolutely happy with them!


"Inspiration for Everyone"


A member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guid since September 2007


I am proud to announce that I have recently attended
Johnston Original Artdolls Prefessional Course in September, 2007.

I have beed awarded with a MASTER ARTIST Certificate of Recognition.