BJD Inspired OOAK Amazon Fairy

This beautiful AMAZON FAIRY has been inspired by Ball Jointed (BJD) dolls. Her jointes are simulated (made to look like ball joints), the pose is set.

This Fairy is a One of A Kind creation, made with no molds. Entire piece is around 7.5 inches tall including the base. The fairy has been sculpted with a custom blend of golden-green polymer clay mixture over wire armature.

She has hand made clear blue eyes (made by the artist) and hand applied eyelashes. Her features and body are hand painted with artist quality paints. The hair is made with hand dyed soft auburn mohair locks and crowned with an Amazon mask-headpiece. The headpiece is handmade and decorated with swarovsky peridot crystals and exotic feathers. It is removable from the fairy's head.

The Fairy is holding a spear and a sheer piece of chiffon is covering her body. The wings are made with clay and iridescent material, they are also removable. Please let me know if you have any questions before bidding.

A Wild Seductress!

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