This unique Hunting Archer Fairy is a bit over 10 inches tall, including the manzanita base is around 11 inches. She is One of A Kind.

She has hand painted features including her bright blue eyes, sparkling in the sun. The long dark brown hair is made with premium qualiry mohair ahd nicely frames her delicate face. The top and pants are made with specialty fibers and painted. The belt and leather accessories, as well as boots are hand sculpted with polymer clay, metal rings and painted to look like worn leather. The necklace is made with clay claw beads. On her belt the Archer is wearing a leather pouch which has been hand sculpted and imprinted with the initial "A".

The hand made bow and feather wings complete her costume. Beautiful and sexy Huntress Fairy.

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Each one of my sculptures is created with no use of any molds, therefore is absolutely unique and cannot be duplicated. I work only with the finest polymer clays available on the market. They are baked at the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer. They are constructed over a sturdy wire armature. I spent many hours on each one of my creations and put a lot of attention to every detail. All of them are crafted with love! I hope you, my Dear Collector, will share my passion for unique fantasy artwork. Each doll comes with a custom designed Certificate of Authenticity. I also do commissioned work. Contact me for more info.