Magical Fairy Door with a tiny BABY for ADOPTION

The tiny baby is left under the fairy door for adoption! The fairy baby is less than 2 inches small, lying in a small wowen basket. It is a One of A Kind sculpt and has been made with no molds used. The same applies to the Magic Fairy door.

The door is 6.5 inches tall, made entirely by hand with polymer clay. It is accented with brass hinges and a custom made door sign "FAIRIES ONLY". The sign is accented with gold paint and has a look of an antique item. The door handle and the window are made in the same manner.

Each cobble stone has been made by hand with polymer clay and has some fairy sparkles to imitate granite look. It really shows in the sunlight.

The Baby Fairy is wearing a cute head cap decorated with irridescent beads. The basket is filled with real dried flowers and multiple tiny glass orbs. A tiny yellow bird is sitting on the edge of the basket, not daring to sing to wake up this little child of nature.

Magical Door - What awaits the small child behind it?

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