The Angel Fairy is a One of a Kind sculpture, made entirely by hand, with no molds used! The Fairy is around 8 inches tall in her sitting pose. The entire piece including the base measures 15 inches tall. She has bright green eyes, made by the artist. The hair is made with hand dyed quality soft mohair, which has been applied one lock at a time. It is a pale icy blue color.

The head of the Fairy is crowned with a hand sculpted head piece, decorated with swarovski crystals (light green, blue and opal white) and mica metallics in multiple shades of iridescent purple, silver blue and gold.

The Fairy is dressed in a feather-like fine web of iridescent fibers, which is gently wrapped around her semi-transluscent body. The outfit is accented with silver stars dangling on the fine chains.

The base is hand decorated with faux water, snow and real ocean shells, as well as clear pebbles. The Fairy is removable from her base. The feathery wings are accented with white iridescent powders and removable.


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