The GOLDEN Venetian Carnival Mask is a One of A Kind, limited edition sculpture. This one is a # 2 from the "Venetian Mask Collection" series.

The Mask is around 9 inches tall. Her base is hand made and is 4 inches in diameter, with a black & white checkerboard pattern. The Mask is sculpted from my own blend of polymer clays which is fired according to manufacturers instructions. She is dressed in stunning golden and turquoise blue color combination. The dress is embellished with golden seed beads, the necklace is made with golden lace with gold plated faceted beads. The over skirt and the sleeves are made with fine golden lace. The boots are hand sculpted and painted turquoise color. She is finished even under her dress! The mask is wearing turquoise and golden trim underpanties. Mysterious and intriguing Mask for your collection!e wings are mixed media.

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