Halloween Witch Fairy

Is it time to read the Magic Halloween Scroll? The clock shoes almost midnight. Patience...

The Halloween Witch Fairy measures 8 inches in her sitting position. She is One of A Kind, made with no molds.

The outfit consists of the embossed bodice, decorated with velvet leaves and copper beads. The sleeves are accented with lace trim. The skirt is made with see-through fabric with spider web designs. Boots are sculpted with clay, so is the hat. The hat is non-removable, embellished with golden buckle and green square stone.

The fairy is holding an ancient scroll she is about to read from. It is made with clay, embellished with amber beads and real tiger tiger eye headhead.

Wings are hand made and painted. The stand is a custom shaped gourd and hand painted to look like a pumpkin. Fairy can be removed from the stand. Please let me know if you have any questions before bidding. Thank you!

Happy Halloween!

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