DESCRIPTION ROWENA, the Tree Healer Fairy is 6 inches tall in her kneeling position. Standing would be 8.5 inches. The span of her wings is 6.5 inches wide. No molds have been used to making this fairy, she is One of a Kind. She has hand painted deep blue eyes. She is dressed in hand dyed material which has been hand tinted and antiqued. Her wild hair nicely frames her noble face. Rowena is a Tree Healer fairy, she performs the rituals which help the trees survive droughts, floods and fire. She chants and calls for tree spirit protectors in a ritual dance and song.
ABOUT MY WORK Each one of my sculptures is created with no use of any molds, therefore is absolutely unique and cannot be duplicated. I work only with the finest polymer clays available on the market. They are baked at the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer. They are constructed over a sturdy wire armature. I spent many hours on each one of my creations and put a lot of attention to every detail. All of them are crafted with love! I hope you, my Dear Collector, will share my passion for unique fantasy artwork. Each doll comes with a custom designed Certificate of Authenticity. I also do commissioned work. Contact for more info.