Beautiful Fairy in a Hand Made Golden Frame

The frames measures 10 in x 10 in. The fairy is around 6 inches in her semi seated pose. She is securely attached through the frame back wall and will not fall. The frame can be hung on the woll as a decorative piece of artwork - What a great Idea that will halp you save some precious space on you shelf!

Sky is a one of a kind fairy, made with no molds with a quality polymer clay. She has hand painted features and inserted luminous grey eyes. The hair is hand dyed beautiful tibetan lamb mohair in warm red-blond color.

Sky is wearing a transparent sparkling top decorated with AB swarovski crystals and microbeads. The skirt scarf is made with hand dyed silk shiffon. The wings are transparent and embellished with tiny crystal orbs.

The frame is hand painted and decorated with brass charms and fabrics. It also has a beautiful texture created with real tiny ocean shells. Enjoy this gentle beauty!

Beautiful and Magical Wall Art!

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