Sparkling Princess Fairy is a fantasy character, created with no molds, which makes her One of A Kind. She is 7 inches in her sitting position, from the top of her crown to the tip of her toes. The fairy has beautiful hand made lavender eyes, which were created by the artist. They are trimmed in black mohair eyelashes. The features of her body and face are hand painted. The crown is created with multi-tone crystals and golden wire. It sparkles with smokey quarz, saphire, brown and golden tones. The crown is beautifully accentuated with honey golden hair. The wings are transparent and have irridescent shimmer.

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Each one of my sculptures is created with no use of any molds, therefore is absolutely unique and cannot be duplicated. I work only with the finest polymer clays available on the market. They are baked at the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer. They are constructed over a sturdy wire armature. I spent many hours on each one of my creations and put a lot of attention to every detail. All of them are crafted with love! I hope you, my Dear Collector, will share my passion for unique fantasy artwork. Each doll comes with a custom designed Certificate of Authenticity. I also do commissioned work. Contact me for more info.

To find my work on Ebay just type "elenacreative" in the search field.



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