The Paragons are guardian angels, humanity’s champions against malefic threats. They rally the valiant with chants aiding heroes through inspiration and motivation. Paragon shines as a beacon of light, driving back the forces of darkness.

Sun Spear Angel Warrior (Paragon) is an exotic and beautiful creation, made entirely by hand with no molds used, therefore is One of a Kind. He is 6,5 inches tall in his kneeling position. Each wing is arund 7 inches wide. He will be shipped with wings disatached. I will include instructions on how to attach the wings. It is a simple process.

The SunSpear has beautiful aqua color blue eyes, made by the artist and inserted into the clay during the process of sculpting the head. His hair is honey blond and has a stylish do custom created. He is wearing golden earings in both ears. His mighty chest and hips are covered with beautiful pearl and gold armor with symbols of Sun, trimmed with golden accessories. His primary weapon is a spear. Many hours were spent to create this magnificent warrior with all the necessary attention to datail.

Gorgeous and exotic creation for your collection!

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Each one of my sculptures is created with no use of any molds, therefore is absolutely unique and cannot be duplicated. I work only with the finest polymer clays available on the market. They are baked at the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer. They are constructed over a sturdy wire armature. I spent many hours on each one of my creations and put a lot of attention to every detail. All of them are crafted with love! I hope you, my Dear Collector, will share my passion for unique fantasy artwork. Each doll comes with a custom designed Certificate of Authenticity. I also do commissioned work. Contact me for more info.

To find my work on Ebay just type "elenacreative" in the search field.




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