Merman's REAL Treasure

A Loving Father attending to his dear little child - a small merbaby.

This sculpture is OOAK - One of a Kind, made with no molds. The merman and the baby on the stand measure 9 inches all around. Merman has a beautiful iridescent tail, blue color with hand painted textures. It is covered with shimmering deep gold and silver sparkles. The Merbaby has the same coloring.

Father's eyes are deep blue, painted and inserted into clay. He has raven black hair, made with quality mohair. He is a muscular habitant of the Ocean. His body is modelled with care and attendion to detail.

The Merbaby is sleeping in a custom made shell bed full of pearls. The stand itself has taken me a long time to make - I wanted to make sure it looks like a treasure pile. It has imbedded pearls, golden flakes, shells of different sizes. It is mounted on a wooden base with golden coloring, embellished with real white sand. The Merman is removable from the base, so is the baby. The baby's crib is permanently attached to the coral base.

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